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1984 by Swatbot26
Phew! I made it! I thought I wasn't going to be able to finish this and post it. My PC was busted for almost the whole week...
Anyway, this is my entry for :icondisney-club: 's contest, Books into Disney movies.

Now, before anyone questions me, yes, I'm aware this is a... strange choice of a book, but I was following the idea that "If Disney made a movie based on something as serious as Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notredame, why not this?", and so, since it's a book that I really love, I decided to choose George Orwell's classic, 1984 (which, by the way, was written in 1948).
The book takes place in a dystopic world ruled by Dictatorships, in which anything that represents humanity is pretty much gone. Emotions in general are abolished, and everyone is under constant watch and control by the Party, without escape. In the midst of this, the protagonist, Winston Smith, a Party Member, wakes up from the madness and ignorance that surrounds him and, dangerously, starts to question this world and its rulers.
One day, he meets another party member that seems to share similarities to him, called Julia. They both fall in love with eachother, and together, "protest", through their relationship, against this de-humanized society.
The actual book could be devided in two parts: one that follows Winston's story with Julia, and another, that focuses on studying the nature of this world's politics: it's "perfect", indestructible dictatorships. Orwell focuses a lot on that subject, as he was a great critic of totalitarian regimes, which, for a long time, were really common. However, for "the movie", I belive that part can be more hidden, more subjective, if you may, giving much more space for Winston's story, without losing the critic nature on things such as totalitarianism.
The book has a few very strong parts, but I belive they could be simply "hidden", just "given the idea", per say, without ruining anything.
If I were to adopt a style, I think I would go for something like what Paperman did, being black and white for most of the film, and having little to no dialogues, just focusing on the characters emotions through their expressions. I think one thing that could be interesting is to have the scenes with Winston and Julia, when they are alone together, in colours. And, after their first encounter, wherever they are, have only their eyes coloured. Could be a way of hinting who are the ones that "broke free" from the regime's philosophy and repression.

Another part of the Contest was to make a song for it, but honestly, not only I couldn't think of anything that would be apropriate for this, but also, I do belive I'm not very good in making songs :p.
I did find something that I considered fitting: Alexey Omelchuk's "Last Light" (… (Not my video). Again, not my original production, but I think it fits the tone. Just a quiet, calm little piano piece.

I know it's a weird idea, but in my mind, I think this could really work as a very different film from the typical "Disney Adventure", specially seeing how most of my favourite Disney Movies are the ones that really stand out from the classic formula, and I belive this could be one. Please, tell me your thoughts and opinions, and thank you for your time.
That's right, finallly... Man, I missed home, but I sure love travelling.
Better get some stuff done... Tomorrow. Too tired right now :p



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